Green & Eco Funerals

A funeral can be a reflection and celebration of a life as well as an acknowledgment of a loss. We believe in helping and supporting families in choosing a funeral that reflects the life of the person who has died. In life, many people are concerned about the environment and in death we are still able to continue these sentiments with a Green or Eco funeral. This can be either a burial in a local churchyard or cemetery, a natural burial ground, a woodland burial ground or a cremation with the cremated remains scattered at an appropriate site. In line with the environmental approach coffins must be of biodegradable materials such as untreated wood, cardboard, willow, seagrass,bamboo and wool. ( Coffins & Caskets) Shrouds and clothing should also be of natural materials along with flowers that can be sourced locally and if possible, all vehicle movements kept to a minimum.

Full Burials

Some, but not all, local churchyards and cemeteries are able to offer grave plots in an area without memorials, we are able to advise you .
At Herne , Canterbury City Council have created a meadow for natural burials.

For information go to and look under Community Bereavement Services.


At Deerton, Nr Faversham there is a natural burial ground which allows burials in a beautiful meadow and includes the planting of a memorial tree.
For more information go to


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